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What is Sushi?

When most people think of sushi they think of RAW fish. This is not correct. Actually if you go into any sushi bar and look at all the seafood choices, only a small handful will be actually raw. Most fish has been prepared in some fashion. Even though it might look raw, it has gone through some kind of process. Either pickled, blanched, soaked in Sake (rice wine) and then frozen, there are many things that happen to the fish before you eat it.

So what is sushi then?
Sushi is an art. Sushi is a broad catagory that includes:

Sushi Now , Sushi Rolling Guide SASHIMI

Sliced fish attractivly served. Raw, cooked or pickled fish cut into 3-5 pieces. Usually presented on top of a few leaves of shiso and grated daikon with wasabi and ginger on the side.

Sushi Nigiri

Pieces of fish on top of two balls of sushi rice, sometimes a slice of roasted Nori (seaweed) is put on to bind the fish to the rice and to add flavor and eye appeal. One order is 2 pieces.

Gunkan Nigiri: There is another form of Nigiri called Gunkan Nigiri. Gunkan means boat and this sushi gets the name from the way the main ingredient is held in place on top of the sushi rice. It is in a boat shape. The three main types of sushi served as Gunkan Nigiri are Tobiko, Ikura (pictured), and Uni. One order is 2 pieces.

Sushi HosoMaki Maki Hosomaki: Thin rolled sushi with very little rice. The Nori (Roasted seaweed) is rolled on the outside of the roll. One order of hosomaki is usually 6 pieces.

Futomaki: Thick rolled sushi with many ingredients inside and each piece is very large. Many variations on futomaki have been seen. Nori can be on outside or inside and one order can be anywhere from 4-10 pieces.

Uramaki: Sometimes called inside-out roll. This style of sushi has become very popular and is most seen in sushi bars in America. Some people say that it is popular in America because the Seaweed is hidden on the inside of the roll and sushi beginners are less intimidated to eat it. One order is usually 6 pieces but 8 pieces is also common.

Temaki: Hand Rolls that are meant to be eaten from the hand like an ice cream cone. One order is 1 cone filled with ingredients.

Chirashi, Sushi Bowls: These include Chirashi (sampler of fish served over a bowl of sushi rice), Donburri is like chirashi but just one kind of fish that you would choose. For example Unagi-Donburri would be Just Unagi (freshwater eel) served over a bowl of sushi rice.

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