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Starter Kit
(Add some style to your next Sushi Party)

These kits have been selected by sushi professionals in California.
We hand-roll over 25,000 sushi rolls per year!

These are great kits for your next sushi party. These kits contains the hard to find sushi items that make a sushi party special. Inside these kit are many useful items. The Sushi Starter Kit has been updated so you can learn how to roll the 3 main types of sushi rolls.
The sushi rolling mat is restaurant quality and is the perfect size to make any style of sushi. This is the same sushi mat that the professionals use.
Make your sushi fancy with the colorful baran. Baran are plastic sheets cut in fancy patterns. Use the baran to separate different types of sushi on a sushi platter or use them to garnish your plate. 3 different styles of baran are included.
Also included is a mix of black and white Sesame Seeds. They will make your sushi look professional and add wonderful flavor and texture to your sushi.
Also needed are the sheets of gourmet sushi Nori (roasted seaweed sheets).This nori is the same used at sushi bars for making your favorite sushi rolls.

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