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Sushi Party in a box!

Deluxe Sushi Kit Wasabi Nori Rice Mat Paddle chopsticks Soy
This kit has been made by professionals in California.
We hand-roll over 25,000 sushi rolls per year!

This is the DELUXE SUSHI KIT by Sushi Now! Everything included that you will need to roll all natural sushi (except for the sushi roll fillings like vegetables and fish). Also included is our instructional sushi rolling DVD that will teach you how to make 3 styles of sushi plus a lesson on how to make perfect sushi rice. If you need help rolling sushi you can also visit our Sushi Guide.

Included in the Deluxe Sushi Kit:

Instructional Sushi Rolling DVD
(available only with this Deluxe Sushi Kit)

Learn to make 3 styles of sushi rolls
Plus learn how to make perfect sushi rice

Nori (toasted Seaweed) (15 sheets)
Sushi Rice (White) (32 ounces)
Wasabi (3 ounces all natural)
Ginger (6.7 ounces all natural)
Rice Vinegar Mix (12 oz)
Sesame Seeds (2 ounces black and white mix)
Miso Soup (3.7 ounces - 12 servings)
Green Tea (Gen Mai Cha) (15 servings)
Japanese Rice Candy (2 boxes - 12 pieces)
Soy Packets (15)
Chopsticks (12)
Baran (Decorative Dividers) (15)
Rice Paddle (1)
Sushi Rolling Mat (1)

Makes 12 sushi rolls (Can serve 5-8 people)
Only $60
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Deluxe Sushi Kit Wasabi Ginger Tea

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