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Sushi Kit Deluxe
Deluxe Sushi Kit
(Sushi Party in a box!) specializes in teaching Sushi Rolling as well as supplying the harder to find Sushi Bar ingredients. As well as finding great dry goods for your Sushi (rice, rolling mat, nori, etc.) you will find that the website has a wealth of information regarding the history, presentation, rolling and etiquette of Sushi. Learn to roll Sushi that is restaurant quality from home, and look around for great ingredients. You will find everything from a Sushi rice recipe to Sushi vocabulary list. Learn to make all the most popular Sushi rolls: the California Roll, Hawaiian Roll, and all kinds of vegetarian Sushi rolls.

Sushi has a long history, and has been evolving for nearly a thousand years before becoming the delicate dish that is served throughout the world today. Read about the development of this wonderful dish from the first cultivation of rice in Southeast Asia to modern American-Japanese cuisine on the Sushi History page. 

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If you are considering a full-fledged Sushi-themed dinner party, then you will appreciate the Sushi Etiquette page.  These helpful hints and suggestions for proper dining will bring elegance and style to your meal that will perfectly accompany the beautiful Sushi pieces and Japanese dishes. Any would-be host or hostess is sure to impress with a solid knowledge of Japanese decorum. 

Concerned about your health and the effect of the foods you are consuming? Most people are these days, and with good cause. We all want to keep an eye on our weight and cholesterol, and Sushi is no exception. The Sushi Rice page will take you through the nutritious aspects of this sticky rice and let you in on some little known rice facts.   Know your Sushi rice, and keep fit and healthy!

The Buying Fresh Fish guide will take you through some common misconceptions about fish, and let you in on the best way to select fish for taste and different dishes. Don’t be afraid to buy fish! It shouldn’t smell bad in any case, and many people don’t realize this. Be sure to check in and learn all about one of the most popular ingredients throughout the world!

Are you confused about all the different Sushi terms and phrases?  Most people find themselves struggling to follow the Sushi lingo, but this website offers you a comprehensive guide to all those words you don’t understand. Want to know the difference between Futomaki and Sashimi? Check out the Sushi Encyclopedia!

Still asking yourself, What is Sushi? Easily solved: just click and take a look at the different types of Sushi.  There are several sorts of Sushi, and it is a common problem to classify them all correctly.  If you want to brush up on your knowledge of Sushi, be sure to look at the relevant page on this site.

Finally, buy Sushi Rolling Supplies online! Everything from Sushi ingredients to Sushi equipment is here and available for shipment to your door. We have Sushi supplies, Sushi products and all the basic ingredients that you will need to make your own Sushi and impress dinner guests. Buy a rolling mat and high quality Sushi rice, and find out how to choose the best fresh ingredients and put them together for some very enjoyable Sushi pieces. Use this site to learn all about Sushi, see the BEST Sushi rice recipe, and benefit from tips on Sushi rolling and much more!

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